YOLO COLOURS is the brainchild of Lisa ‘AdventureLisa‘ de Speville.

YOLO COLOURS essentially began after a late-night session spent trawling the internet to find a solution to her own composting woes. Our YOLO Compost Tumbler was the outcome and became the first product in the YOLO GREEN range of garden products. A chance conversation resulted in the first agricultural product, one in the YOLO YELLOW range – the YOLO Moo Igloo. With modifications, this is their YOLO Large Dog Kennel for large-size dog breeds.

Lisa has a range of products on her manufacturing wish list – they’re either products that she needs, are improvements on products that drive her batty because of their flaws; or they are original products. Each is categorised in a product range that is named after a colour. Thus, her company name of YOLO COLOURS.

Not only do different colours represent our product categories, our products are manufactured in eye-catching colours.

Lisa has support from a team of designers, mould makers and factory workers that are skilled at manufacturing high-quality rotomoulded products.