YOLO COLOURS began after a late-night session spent trawling the internet to find a solution to her own household composting woes. Lisa de Speville’s partner-at-the-time came across compost tumblers by chance. When Celliers Kruger couldn’t find anything available in South Africa, they began thinking about making their own. As he had the relevant technical expertise and experience, he worked up the YOLO Compost Tumbler design and a few months later, the first YOLO Compost Tumbler shell was rotomoulded in his factory.

A chance conversation resulted in the first agricultural product, the YOLO Calf Hutch. With modifications, this is their YOLO Large Dog Kennel for large-size dog breeds.

Lisa has support from a team of designers, mould makers and factory workers that are skilled at manufacturing high-quality rotomoulded products.