The YOLO Compost Tumbler should be mounted on a wall or kept on its stand. Both keep it off the ground and inaccessible to rodents. How then do you keep your compost contents free of flies and bad odours?

Flies (and rodents) are attracted to stinky smells.  Fortunately, flies and bad odours are generally a non-issue for the YOLO Compost Tumbler as its tight-fitting lid and completely enclosed structure keeps smells in – and flies out.

Nonetheless, what you want to prevent is collecting foul-smelling content inside the tumbler.

Too keep your compost odours under control, avoid adding stinky materials like fish and meat scraps, left-over pet food, dairy products and animal faeces.

If odours begin to build, reduce the amount of ‘green’ nitrogen-rich materials like grass clippings and add more ‘brown’ carbon-containing materials like twigs and leaves. Remember to turn your tumbler regularly to mix and aerate the contents.

Avoiding rats, flies and odours
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