Before you go away, add more ‘brown’ carbon-rich materials to your YOLO Compost Tumbler. Rather leave it too dry (slower composting, less moisture) than too wet (rotting, smelly, wet).

Over the weekend, I saw these at one of those plastics stores (Crazy Plastics). These sawdust pellets are a super moisture-absorbing carbon source if you’re short of other materials like shredded dry leaves, egg trays, toilet roll holders and the like.

A day or two before you leave, prepare your YOLO for your time away by adding brown materials and then tumbling to mix. Add more later in the day or the next day and tumble.

What happens if you leave your YOLO with a lot of ‘green’ nitrogen-rich materials when you’re away? The contents may be a bit wet and smelly when you return but will come right in a few days after adding brown materials and tumbling frequently to mix and aerate the contents.

Before you go away, add more browns
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