Compostable ware and packaging are not the solution to dealing with single-use plastic issues. These items are just as single-use as plastic knives, forks, cups, plates, bags and containers and, even though they are theoretically compostable, in reality they are not. Why is this?

These products look and feel like plastic. Consumers usually throw them in general trash bins and so they end up in landfill anyway. Made from plant starches, extremely high heat and moisture are required to break down tough polymers. These conditions may be achieved in an industrial composting environment, but not in your backyard compost heap or even your YOLO Compost Tumbler.

In landfill, ‘compostable ware’ will breakdown eventually, but in this anaerobic environment methane is produced.
The solution? Get organised with your own reusable items. Travel cups and water bottles are simple and effective alternatives. Keep a set of utensils and a long-lasting, quality, plastic container in your car and office for takeaway runs. Wash after use and reuse again and again and again.

Compostable ware is not always compostable