How about ‘humanure’? Considering the water shortages in South Africa, this is a very real solution. Every day when I pick up my dog’s poo I think about human sewerage systems, water usage, dysfunctional sewerage plants and resulting river pollution…

“There can be no doubt that humanure composting deserves vigorous study and investment because it’s one of the best low-tech approaches to collecting and processing human and other organic wastes. It can help solve a myriad of problems by providing affordable toilets in water-scarce areas, and returning compost rich in beneficial microorganisms, as well as ample quantities of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to depleted soils, reclaiming nutrients to make organic soil conditioners and fertilisers.”

Read the full article on The Guardian website: “Composting loos should be the answer to the world’s toilet crisis

Composting human manure
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