We received our new double-walled boxes for our large YOLO Compost Tumblers last week. They’re very strong and, well, large! These boxes are returnable, which really means that we would like them back so that we can reuse each box a number of times before it is retired to compost.

Every time that we send out a large YOLO Compost Tumbler, we’ll include three reusable velcro straps inside the box, which you’ll use to secure the box and flaps. We’ll arrange for our courier, The Courier Guy, to collect the box from you to bring it back to us.

Please take care when opening the box – use a knife to slice the tape. You can leave the waybill sleeve stuck on the flap (we hope to reuse this too). Take out your lovely new YOLO Compost Tumbler (this is a two-person task) and then prepare the box for collection, as shown in these photos.

For now, only our large box is ‘returnable’. We plan do the same with the medium boxes next year as our next order will be for the more durable double-walled version.

To the customers that we have already spoken to, thank you for being so enthusiastic in embracing our efforts to reduce packaging waste and to reuse our boxes.

Our large box is returnable