See this quick comparison of the sizes, dimensions and prices of our YOLO Compost Tumbler products.

Note: Following the six-weeks of COVID-19 lockdown when the factory that makes our YOLOs was closed, we have a backlog. The factory also manufactures other products so they have been juggling YOLO with these through May and June. At the moment (July) they are busy with products for container orders on a tight deadline so YOLO is even more delayed. If you would like to order a YOLO, please put through your order online or drop us an email. We add you to our production list but we’ll only send through your invoice when your YOLO is ready.

 YOLO Small Medium Large
Volume 2 x 45-litre shells 2 x 100-litre shells 2 x 200-litre shells
Dimensions 775x470x500mm 955x585x590mm 1205x785x810mm
Weight 14.5kg 22kg 32kg
Price R 2,785.00 (inc. VAT) R 3,585.00 (inc. VAT) R 4,485.00 (inc. VAT)
Courier (Gauteng) R 100.00 R 100.00 R 350.00
(major centres) *
R295.00 R530.00 R1,155.00**
Use Perfect for apartments and townhouses for kitchen waste. Perfect for homes with small gardens for kitchen and garden waste. Perfect for medium to large gardens for kitchen and garden waste.
For large and very large gardens, use our YOLO Compost Tumbler to mature contents from your compost heap for regular turnover of nutrient-rich compost.
Colours We usually hold stock of green-yellow and brown-green units. Brown-grey can be ordered.

*   Note that rates for locations outside of major centres (outlying areas) have surcharges.  We do have accounts with more than one courier to offer you the best rate possible depending on your location. We will confirm the delivery rate for outlying areas.

** For large units delivered outside of Gauteng, we do check between two couriers for the best rates.