Direct sales

Our focus is on selling direct to customers.

We are fortunate to have superb delivery rates and service in Gauteng from our courier service and reasonable rates to major centres, especially on the small and medium sizes.

In selling directly to you these past months, we’ve also had the freedom to interact with you one-on-one and to custom mould your colour choices. This has helped to give us a feel for what colour combos are the most popular and this has been useful to guide us as to what colours to keep in stock; we can’t keep them all on hand. We do fulfil custom-colour requests (from our available colours of green, yellow, orange, brown and grey).

You can contact Lisa by email or telephone, or submit an online order form.

Online retailers

We are in the process of establishing a ‘store’ on an online retail portal, which will give our customers outside of Gauteng the best deal, especially in terms of delivery costs. Delivery rates are┬áincluded in the price and they are far better than anything that we can get outside of Gauteng, especially on the medium and large units. Their service is efficient and reliable to all corners of South Africa.

For those in main centres outside of Gauteng, and definitely if you are in an outlying area, we’ll direct you straight to the online retailer.

As soon as this is up and running (in December), we’ll update the details here. Until then, please order directly from us.

Retailer enquiries

At the moment we are not able to supply to retailers. Thank you for enquiring.