I’m new to John Kohler’s Youtube Channel “GrowingYourGreens” and I’m delighted to have been directed here by a YOLO customer. Kohler is an avid veggie gardener and composter and he favours using compost tumblers. In this short video “#1 Reason Why Your Compost is Not Composting” Kohler solves 99% of all composting issues. 

At Homemakers Expo I chatted to a number of YOLO customers who were having compost troubles. For every one of them the problem was the same: their material was too wet.

“People think if they just keep dumping food scraps it is going to compost down,” says Kohler in this video. “And yes, compost does happen – you can compost with food scraps – but it is more rotting than composting.”

Kohler advises that you regularly (not just once) add dry, carbon-rich material to the wet, nitrogen-rich material that is food cuttings and grass trimmings. Remember to refer to the guide on the side of your YOLO that reminds you of the 1 part green to 2 parts brown material ratio.

“Number One: Compost shouldn’t be too dry and it shouldn’t be too wet,” Kohler says.

Kohler’s go-to carbon additive is pine horse bedding pellets, which are essentially compressed sawdust pellets. torn-up egg trays, shredded leaves, cut-up cardboard and the like also work brilliantly, you just need to remember to add a good amount of these.

This video is an awesome one – bookmark it! As Kohler says, “Brown Power!”.

This 8:15 video will rectify 99% of your composting issues.

THANK YOU to Ryan from St Francis Bay for directing me to John Kohler’s YouTube channel “GrowingYourGreens” (lots and lots of compost tumbler-related videos).

The #1 reason why your compost is not composting