YOLO has been through many challenges in recent years with the supply of its rotomoulded compost tumbler and calf hutch shells from its manufacturer. COVID lockdown, loadshedding, factory relocation and rebuild, and capacity issues have limited regular supply. After even more production upsets over the last four months, we look forward to start working with a new moulding company in the coming weeks.

After a busy September, we are now out-of-stock of medium and large units. We do have a number of small units, which are perfect for apartments and townhouses for primarily kitchen waste, on hand.

YOLO’s compost tumbler shells are rotomoulded. The process of rotomoulding is ideal for hollow objects like water tanks and compost tumblers. Using UV-stabilised polyethylene, rotomoulded shells are robust, durable, long-lasting, leak free and will probably outlive you. At the end of its life (up to two decades), the plastic can be recycled.

You are welcome to contact us directly with your order request so that we can prioritise the moulding of your unit. You will only be invoiced once your YOLO is ready. As we settle into this new moulding relationship, we will limit our colour availability to only the brown-green combination.

We appreciate your patience as we go through this transition in setting up production with our new manufacturer. We expect to have units back in stock within the next few weeks.

We look forward to developing a symbiotic and strong relationship with the new rotomoulding factory. Updates will be posted on our Facebook page and Instagram profile.

YOLO has a new manufacturer